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RX-Tech Mines:


Out of the 21 enemies in this level, there is one enemy whose death is unavoidable. I was successful in completing this level with just 1/21 enemies being killed. The one enemy who died was the mutant at 03:57 who got killed by the flamethrower guy. Without glitches, it is impossible to stop the flamethrower guy from killing the mutant. The only way that you can save that mutant is by using glitches, as demonstrated when I did a Glitched Keeping The Enemies Alive Challenge for this level. This time around, I couldn't use any glitches.

I think that the flamethrower guy at 08:38 stepped into the water and killed himself. The plan was for me to kill him with my guns, but this didn't really matter as the important thing was that he died and therefore couldn't harm the mutants. One of the more difficult parts of this level is the area at 08:32. The reason why this area is a pain is because it's common for the mutants to accidentally step into the water and kill themselves. I managed to avoid this, but only by luck.

I entered the level with 51 savegame crystals, which meant that I needed to have 52 crystals in order to be allowed to save, and I didn't go against this rule. I collected all secrets, didn't use any glitches, didn't use any healthpacks, and only used the Pistols. In the next video I will be doing Lud's Gate, TR3. In the previous video I did High Security Compound, TR3.
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