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Area 51:


Out of the 38 enemies in this level, two of them are mandatory kills under these restrictions. I successfully managed to complete this level with just 2/38 enemies being killed. The gunman at 09:10 dropped a mandatory item. As did the gunman at 24:02. When I did this level with glitches being allowed, only one of those enemies had to be killed, and it was the gunman at 24:02. With glitches, the item dropped by the gunman at 09:10 is not a mandatory item. Since glitches were not allowed this time around, both of the items were needed items. There are two allies (prisoners) in this level, both of whom only become active if you release them from locked rooms. To stop them from being able to kill any of the enemies, I simply didn't release the prisoners. There was a bit of lost footage near the end of the level, which resulted in you missing me collect the last secret. I did save during the lost footage, and the footage carried on after a reload. I entered the level with 51 savegame crystals, which meant that I needed to have 52 crystals in order to be allowed to save, and I didn't go against this rule. I collected all secrets, didn't use any glitches, and only used the Pistols. I did use 1.0 healthpack, so this is a level where I didn't avoid using healthpacks. In the next video I will be doing Barkhang Monastery, TR2. In the previous video I did Lud's Gate, TR3.
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