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Barkhang Monastery:


Out of the 30 enemies in this level, I successfully managed to complete the level with 0/30 enemies being killed. There are a total of 22 monks in this level. The monks who spawned who were also within range of the gunmen were either killed by myself or the gunmen, stopping them from killing any enemies. I was puzzled by 37:42-39:27; the room at 37:42 was light, and the second gunman didn't spawn. The bunsens never ignited after I obtained the Prayer Wheel, and no gunman spawned in the area at 39:13. At the time I didn't know what caused this, but I have figured it out since recording this level. I collected all secrets, didn't use any glitches, only used the Pistols, and saved five times, which was within the limit of five saves. The thing I'm not happy about is the fact that I used 4.0 healthpacks in this level. In the previous video I did Lud's Gate, TR3. This brings us to the end of the challenge as I have now done a Keeping The Enemies Alive Challenge and Glitchless Keeping The Enemies Alive Challenge for all eight of the intended levels: Barkhang Monastery, High Security Compound, Area 51, Crash Site, Lud's Gate, RX-Tech Mines, Menkaure's Pyramid, and Khufu's Queens Pyramids.
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