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New Full Installer and TRNG Updater
(Released 20 May 2009)

Full Installer
TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug in global trigger GT_USED_INVENTORY_ITEM: with some inventory items (like pickups) the trigger was not detected.
  • Added in Trigger Type of NGLE program the Find features to search flipeffects or actions whereby text patterns.
    Remark: you can insert also two or more words divided by spaces and the result will be the first trigger with the description containing both words. Further clicking of the [find] button will find the next occurrence.
  • Added new object Lara's Diary. You can download the sample level named "" with all source files from the link above. Lara's diary allows you to show to player a book (the diary) with images and infos about your adventure. There are new flipeffect triggers to add new pages to Lara's diary.
  • Added new Script command "Diary=" to set data to have a Lara's diary in inventory to consult.
  • Added new script command WindowsFont= to set type of windows font to use. Currently the Windows fonts are allowed only with diary.
  • Fixed bug about "load camera" black screen. This bug happened when you used flipeffect "Force volumetric fx ... enabled" while the volumetric fx was not enabled in tomb4 settings.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect: "Weather. Fog. <&>Enable/Disable all fog (distance fog or fog bulbs)", in some circumstances the whole level became dark, while in others nothing happened.
  • Added new feature to show bmp images in game. You can show pop-up image with the game goes on, or overlapped images that place in stand-by the game while they are shown. See sample demo named "" to discover how to use this feature. Remark: read the readme file in paritcular about installation of images and the CONVERTER.exe utility. If you want you can try this level by simply adding the zip file to the TRLevel Manager 2009.
  • Added new script command "Image=" to set data necessary to show image.
  • Fixed bug about HUB levels. For hub level we mean levels linked back to previous levels with finish triggers. In previous version all changes performed with NG effects or actions were lost when Lara returned to the hub level. Now the changes should be preserved. However, the difficulty of this new feature means some testing will be required to ensure it works properly.
  • Fixed bug about invulnerability of Lara. Once Lara got invulnerability when she went to another level while burning.
  • Added to last crash report a memory image file with tomb4 critical memory zones. Now when TRNG has a crash you'll find the usual file "lastCrash#.txt" plus another file with the same name but with the extension ".mem" For example if your crash has the name "Last_Crash43.txt", there will also be created the file: "Last_Crash43.mem" The mem file will have a size of around 1 Mb, and when you report a crash it could be useful to supply also the .mem file.
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