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TRNG Updater
(Released 2 June 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug about inventory item to activate Lara's Diary. When you chose the quest1 item the diary was not enabled.
  • Fixed bug in Diary command. In previous version NG_Center refused two Diary commands in same level section. In reality you can have up to 10 different diaries for level.
  • Fixed bug about Fog Bulbs. In previous version the fog bulbs were not visible.
  • Added new Savegame Panel. With new savegame panel you can have an image (screenshot) for each selected savegame to make selecting savegames much easier. You can set also increase the maximum number of savegame slots the old 15 slots up to 100 savegames slots.
  • Added new flipeffect to show statistics screen: "Show Statistics Screen"
  • Fixed bug about flyby sequence 0 in title level. In previous version trng refused to start a flyby sequence numbered "0". Note: this fixing requires verification. Remark: it's necessary to reload the project in NGLE and build a new .tom/.tr4 file to fix that bug.
  • Added for WindowsFont command the WFF_FORCE_FIXED_PITCH flag to force the character with fixed pitch (same width for all characters, i.e. the "W" will have same width as "i") The fixed pitch characters are useful to create well-sorted tables.
  • Enhanced the tool "Get screen Frames". Now you can type Org and Size also in micro units format to see the selected zones on the screen.
  • Fixed bug in Diary. In previous version it was not possible to take a screenshot. Now it's possible using the F3 key.
  • Fixed bug in Diary. When the game was played in windowed mode, the diary continued to receive keyboard input although there was another program working in the foreground.
  • Fixed bug in Diary. When the player kept down a key continuously (like RIGHT) the pages changed too quickly. Now it's necessary to release the key and press it again to move to the next page.
  • Added new Action trigger: "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enmey the (E)transparecy level" With this trigger you can set the level of transparency of some moveables. Also when you set max level of transparency (127, the item will be invisible) the collision of object will be active and it could hurt and kill Lara or be killed by her. Remark: if you set a level of transparency other than 0 (zero it means: no transparency, normal opacity) and Lara kills the moveable, its body will remain with the same transparency but it will lose collision.
  • Added new Condition trigger: "Creature. The <#>creature has the (E)Transparency level". This condition works paired with above action trigger to force transparency level. Remark: for technical reasons in this condition you can't choose all values between 0-127 range but only a selection of them. For this reason it's advisable to set with the action trigger a transparency level of those presents in the condition list if you wish in the future to test the presence of that value.
  • Added new FAN_SET_LARA_PLACE flag for animation command. This flag is necessary when your custom animation tries to move Lara from one place to another, like from water to ground or vice-versa. For example this flag allows Lara to perform an animation from floating on water to a climbing animation. When you use this flag you have to type in Extra field of Animation command a PLACE_ constant to set the place where Lara should be at end of your animation.
  • Added new FAN_RANDOM flag for animation command. With this flag you can force a random animation within a given range of animations. Using this method you can simulate random events also in Lara's animatons. See description of FAN_RANDOM flag in Reference section of NG_Center program.
  • Added in main window of NG_Center the short-cut buttons to launch Wad Merger and StrPix. Just select the path the first time you use this feature and you'll have a quick way to open these two important utilties.
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