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TRNG Updater
(Released 12 July 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug about CUST_LOOK_TRASPARENT. In previous version ( the status ENABLED/DISABLED was inverted.
  • Fixed bug in FogRange= script command. In reality the bug was in old tomb4 code... The MaxFogDistance (the second parameter) was computed in a wrong way in old tomb4 and with this bug there was no effect on distance fog. Now you can modify this second parameter and get some interesting effects with the density of distance fog. In previous version the second parameter of fog range command was described as the limit for max distance for fog bulbs but now it works to set the limit of fog distance and if you reduce this value (rather than levelfarview) you can have a deep fog. See also the "" file where the FogRange command is explained with many examples and images.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Set the <&>Color for Distance Fog" This flipeffect has the same syntax as old flipeffect "Set the RGB color for the fog bulbs to the <&>value", with the difference that, in this case, you can use the new flipeffect to set the color for Distance fog, while the old flipeffect worked only on fog bulbs color. These two flipeffects work always in accordance with volumetric fx enabled or disabled.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. <&>Enable/Disable Hardware Fog (caution!)" This flipeffect should be used with caution. When you disable the fog via hardware, the distance and volumetric fog will disappear. When volumetric fx is disabled this flip removes the distance fog; when volumetricx fx is enabled, the result is a curious "nightmare" effect with dark colorless scenes.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Set <&>Max visibility distance for Fog Bulbs". This flipeffect allows the new max visibility distance for fog bulbs to be set. It's very improbable you need to use this flip, because trng sets by itself this value in worldfarview (or LevelFarView) and this is the most logical value. If you reduce the distance, some fog bulbs very far from Lara will be not shown in game.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Set <&>End Fog limit for Distance fog". This flip allows to change in game the same value you can set in EndLimitDistanceFog field of FogRange command. Modifying the End Limit for fog distance you can get a very deep fog. See description of the (updated) FogRange command for more information.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Change Start limit of Distance Fog in <&>way with (E)speed". This trigger changes in a dynamic and endless way the Start Fog limit for distance fog.
  • Added diagnostic command: H key. When you hit the H keystroke the diagnostic texts will be Hidden for 3 seconds. This command should be used to catch "cleaned" screenshots also when you have the diagnostic enabled.
  • Added in diagnostic texts some infos about fog distance: start-fog, end-fog limits and current fog color.
  • Added the customize constant CUST_FIX_WATER_FOG_BUG, used to fix the problem of excessive saturation of fog color over transparent textures.
  • Fixed bug. When Lara was in water 2 clicks deep and she had in front of her a wall she could become frozen.
  • Fixed bug. This was a very bad bug. When a trigger was used about a static object placed in a room preceded by some empty rooms (in room list of map project) once the trigger had been performed many errors could occur: game frozen, damage to Lara's ponytail, crashes and other unpredictable behaviors. To fix this bug in your level it's necessary to re-build the .TOM file using the updated version of tomb_nextgeneration.dll ( or higher).
  • Added ENV condition: ENV_ROOM_IS for Animation (or EnvMultCondition) script command. With this condition you can verify if Lara is in the room set in DistanceForEnv field. You can type in DistanceForEnv also some special constants of ROOM_.. type, to verify if lara is in (any) room of some ROOM_ type, like water, quicksand, outside etc.
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