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MK1 Full Installer (also updating to TRNG
(Released 27 July 2009)

Mk1 Full Installer
  • MK1 TRNG Full Installer. This is not a simple update but it is a full installer of the finished MK1 version of the TRNG. Version will not be developed as an update except as an update within the MK1 Full Installer to give to all people all the basic files required by future updates of TRNG Tools.
  • Added in [Settings] panel of NG_Center the button [Change Version] to restore previous versions of TRNG tools. This button allows you to use the new Restore System, where you can restore a previous version of trng tools, or even to return to earlier versions. This feature works only from version, the basic version of MK1 TRNG Full Installer. This means you cannot use this feature to come back to versions older than
  • Added in [Media] panel of NG_Center the [Object Manager] tool to find in Image Objects Collection an object whereby object name, level name or object type. The supplied Object Image Collection contains all objects of level editor wads and The Last Revelation tr4 files (989 objects). You can add new objects to the collection if you wish if you have the TRViewer program on your PC.
  • Added in NG_Center the icon of TrViewer program to launch this program with a shortcut.
  • Fixed bug in Action "Perform (E) flipeffect on <#>object" Above action worked simply by performing old flipeffects those, normally, available only from animcommands. When the flipeffect called by above action performed a change of position/visibility of animating object the change was not stored in savegame.
  • Fixed bug in Elevator with Single Door. When an elevator used an animating single door, the position of door was not correctly saved/restored in/from savegame.
  • Fixed bug in Enemy= script command. When you typed in Damage1, Damag2, Damage3 fields (the three last fields of Enemy command) the values IGNORE, the damage resulted as "0" in game. Now the IGNORE means "allow the standard damage for this Enemy".
TRNG Updater
(Released 30 July 2009)

TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug about incompatibility savegames created by older versions with newer. When a savegame created with an old version is loaded it will be read by a new version and in some circumstances the savegame will be not shown in load/save screen.
  • Added global triggers: GT_ELEVATOR_STOPS_AT_FLOOR and GT_ELEVATOR_STARTS_FROM_FLOOR These two global trigger allow to detect when a given elevator reaches or leaves a specific floor.
  • Fixed bug about hub Levels. When Lara returned to a previously visited level, the settings about fog distance color was lost.
  • Fixed bug about "Arg list too big" message in NGLE. When you loaded an imported project (downloaded from the net, for example) the inner paths for .tga and .wad are uncorrect, and this is obvious. The problem was in the new method applied in version where the immediate request for tga map loading caused an error allowing spaces in path chosen by user. Now the spaces will be filled using short path format, with some "~1" characters in the path, like the old winroomedit did in that situation.
TRNG Updater
(Released 17 Aug 2009)

TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug about Detector object. When you were in a level with the detector on the screen, and Lara went to
    another level with a finish trigger, the detector remained on the screen despite being missing in this target level.
  • Added in NG_Center, in the [Strings] panel, a language selector to force the language to copy in trle folder and therefore to use in game.
  • Enhanced in NG_Center the check about missing string in language text file when it is other than english.txt In previous versions, ng_center verified the presence only for texts in english.txt, while now it checks for presence of extra ng strings also in other languages when you select another language as "Main Language".
  • Removed the flipeffect "Weather. Fog. <&>Enable/Disable Hardware Fog (onfly for nightmare effects)". Now this flipeffect has only the effect of enabling the hardware fog (but it should be already enabled by default, so it's no longer useful) The reason for this elimination is that the disabling of hardware fog has not the same effect on all computers and it could cause many problems with compatibility with previous dll versions.
  • Fixed bug about incompatibility of savegames. When with versions greater than you loaded a savegame created with version older than the game screen appears almost black.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE. When you performed an [Output Wad] or an [Exit and Play] operation, you risked having a crash. This was a bad bug, and theorically it could happen everytime, however it was more probable when you had a small level with few rooms.
  • Added the PARAM_BIG_NUMBERS value for Parameters script command. With this new command you can store some big numbers to use in trigger type window with flipeffects or actions. The reason for this command is that in the Trigger Type Window it is not possible to type numbers bigger than 255, while using this new method you can use for your trigger some values up to 65535 or $FFFF
  • Created new feature about TRNG Variables. There are too many new triggers for variables to list all here, anyway remember that all triggers (flipeffects, actions and conditions) start always with the description "Variables. ..." About description of TRNG Variables download the file where you find a project with some examples and a little html tutorial about advanced usage: trng timer, text placefolders and new skills with modification of critical memory zones.
  • Added new feature about reading/modifing of Critical Memory Zones of trng tomb4 engine, to create by yourself new skills. In file you find also the full html documentation about the different critical memory zones, with descriptions for all known fields.
  • Added in [Reference] panel of NG_Center the list "VARIABLE PLACEFOLDERS" with keycodes to add in your strings to show in game the content of trng variables.
  • Added script command DiagnosticType to select what shows in Diagnostic mode on the screen. Since the diagnostic infos have been increased over time and others could be added in the future, it's necessary to be able to choose what shows, otherwise the full diagnostic data might not not fit within your screen space. Remark: if you omit the DiagnosticType command all infos will be shown at the same time but the screen is not able to host all this information because now there are also infos about trng variables.
  • Added new diagnostic mode to perform a debug of script commands: triggerGroup, GlobalTrigger, Organizer and Switch. Using the DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS flag with DiagnosticType, you can have in the log created with Tomb4_log.exe utility (you can find in TRLE\TOOLS) the diagnostic of all script commands performed in game.
  • Added new global triggers GT_BEFORE_SAVING_VARIABLES and GT_AFTER_RELOADING_VARIABLES, to give you the opportunity to save and restore in game some changes in critical memory zones.
  • Added new global trigger GT_ALWAYS to perform continuously a triggergroup, until this global trigger is enabled.
  • Added new global triggers: GT_TRNG_G_TIMER_EQUALS and GT_TRNG_L_TIMER_EQUALS to detect when a trng timer (global or local) reaches the given time.
  • Added new global trigger: GT_KEYPAD_SHOWED and GT_KEYPAD_REMOVED. With these global triggers you can be informed when the keypad with specific item index will be shown or removed from the screen. In this way you can for example show a text during a pop up of KeyPad to inform the player what they could choose with this keypad.
  • Added new script command Switch. The switch permits the performance of a single TriggerGroup from a list of triggergroup IDs, according to the value of some variable. Pratically it permits a conditional multiple performance.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger "Organizer. Resume <&>Organizer in (E)way" With this flipeffect you can resume an organizer you had previously stopped, resuming from last performed command.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger "Enemy. Freeze. Freeze <#>Enemy for (E)Seconds". With this flipeffect you can transform an (already) enabled enemy into a sort of statue for a desired time or forever and then you'll use another flipeffect to unfreeze him applying some effect like "vibration or explosion".
  • Fixed bug about Wild Boar object. This was an old bug of original tomb4: when there was a wild-boar enabled
    and you saved the game and reloaded the wild boar disappeared.
  • Added customize constant CUST_SAVE_LOCUST to fix the old bug about missing of saving/restore operation of locust swarm in savegame. Remark: if you enable the saving of locusts (FISH slot) the only disadvantage is that the savegame will be bigger by about 2000 bytes.
  • Added new env condtions ENV_PLAYER_IS_SLEEPING and ENV_PLAYER_WOKE_UP. You can use these condtions in Animation command to start some nice custom animation when Lara is in stand-by mode, i.e. when the player is not playing for some (given) time.
  • Added new Condition trigger to test the distance from Lara of some moveable: "Lara. Distance. Lara is distant by <#>Moveable less or even than ..."
  • Added new flipeffect "Inventory-Item. Pop up inventory to select the <&>Item in (E)way" With this trigger you can show the inventory with the desired item selected. Remark: this trigger works with many items (used as keys, puzzle, quest, examine, crowbar ect) but not with: weapons, flares, binocular or medipacks.
  • Added new flipeffects to generate random numbers to copy in some variable:
    "Variables. Numeric. Generate in <&>Numeric Variable the (E)random number"
    "Variables. Numeric. Generate in <&>Numeric Variable a random CurrentValue"
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