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Mk2 Full Installer and TRNG Updater
(Released 2 September 2009)

Mk2 Full Installer
TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug in NGLE about message "Error: no selected squares" NGLE gave this message when you clicked on [Ok] button of Trigger Type window and no selected square was present. It was not necessary to give an error message in this situation so it was removed.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE about message "Can't overlap special trigger" NGLE gave this message also when there was no selected square.
  • Added new flag SET_ACCEPT_EXTRA_TAILINFOS for Settings= command of [Option] setting. This setting forces trng engine to accept up to 32767 tail infos in the tr4 files. Also when using this setting the limit for ngle remains as the old limit of 1024 tail infos, therefore the only reason to use this setting is when you use meta2tr to replace the room meshes directly in tr4 file. Since meta2tr increases the number of tail infos you can use this setting to support the new extra tail infos. However, when you use the tr4 created by ng_tom2pc without changing it, this setting is futile and perhaps dangerous because it could create problems when textures are placed in mirror rooms.
  • Added synstax for DiagnosticType script command. In previous version it had been forgotten.
  • Enhanced script debugging mode (DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS) Now in DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS mode (the script debugging) will now show information about Elevator script commands.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE. In previous versions there was a bug in the phase of releasing allocated resources after [Exit and Play] exiting. This bug caused a progressive reduction of Windows Virtual Memory resources everytime the builder exited from NGLE with [Exit and Play] button.
  • Added flipeffects to apply invisible collision to rooms. Using this method you can get Lara to walk over static or moveable items. The flipeffects, all starting "Collision....", allow you to replace the original collision of statics and moveables with the new invisible collision of room, with the result that Lara will be able to walk, climb and monkey these items. Note: These are "fake" triggers. You can't export them in script or anim command because they will be used in building-time and not in run-time.
  • Added Action trigger to disable the collision of moveables. "Collision. Disable the collisions of <#>Moveable".
    This trigger is useful when you want to replace the original collision mode of moveable with your invisble room collisions set with above "Collision.." flipefffects. Remark: also for statics it's necessary to remove their original collision to be used with "Collision. " flipeffect, but in the case of statics you just add the value 4 to their OCB field to disable their collision.
  • Added Action triggers for fine movement. There are new Action triggers to move with more precision a moveable in any direction. While other action triggers allow to translate a moveable setting the distance of movement in clicks, these new triggers allow more precise displacements. To locate these triggers search Remark: also these triggers could be used to help the adding of room collisions to moveables. In fact, in many circumstances the problem is that the moveable is not correctly aligned with the sector grid of the room. Using these action triggers you can move the item to align them exaclty with sector grids so as to get the most realistic collisions.
  • Added new flipeffect: "Collision. Set the <&>Side of closed sector as non-hangable from Lara" This trigger works differently to other "collision" flipeffects. In this way, in fact, there is no real change on collisions but you can use this trigger to simulate a rounded edge where Lara will be not able to hang. Remark: this trigger could cause conflicts if you use it on climb walls. In this case Lara could be able to climb the wall but she will be not be able to perform first hanging despite being far from edge. If you need to handle this situation you should use a CONDITION trigger about distance of Lara from the floor (or from the edge).
  • Added new NEF_ flags for Enemy command: NEF_SET_AS_BRIDGE_FLAT, NEF_SET_AS_BRIDGE_TILT1 and NEF_SET_AS_BRIDGE_TILT2. Adding one of above NEF values in NEF field of Enemy command you can transform an animating item in a bridge item where Lara will be able to walk. For example to transform the animating5 into a bridge_flat item just add this line in your [Level] section:
    See the description of above NEF_ flags in Reference panel of NG_Center.
  • Added new flag for GlobalTrigger command: FGT_HIDE_IN_DEBUG This flag doesn't change the behavior of the globaltrigger in runtime, but it removes the debugging messages in debug mode (DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS
    diagnostic) for this globaltrigger. The reason to use this flag is when you are studying another script command but this global trigger continues to fill the log with many messages of no interest.
  • Added new PANEL objects to create invisible collisions. These new objects use a different collision control to support an height up to 2 sectors (the other moveable failed when the height is higher than 6 clicks) with a compute faster than tradition collision procedure. See the tutorial about the collisions for more information.
  • Fixed bug about moving items. When you moved a door type object, some items in same room or in linked rooms could disappear.
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