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TRNG Updater
(Released 29 September 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Enhanced elevator features. Now the elevators (and raising blocks) are able to move vehicles like jeep and sidecar, even when Lara is not on board.
  • Added new ENV_ conditions:
    Above conditions are very particular since they work in an absolute way, ignoring the current direction Lara is facing. For this reason they should be used only with animations hardcoded for a specific room.
  • Fixed bug of version. In previous version a debugging code that could cause a slowing down in game was not removed.
  • Added new NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag for Enemy script command. Adding this flag the slot set in enemy command will be able to activate all heavy triggers. By default only some moveables enable heavy triggers and for others it's necessary place an AI_ object in target sector where there is the heavy trigger to enable. However, with NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag the enemy will enable all heavy triggers it moves over. For example to give this skill to all crocodiles in a level just add in [level] section this row:
  • Added new TGROUP_USE_EXECUTOR_ITEM_INDEX flag for TriggerGroup command. This flag forces the change of the target item of that action trigger with the moveable that has just enabled this triggergroup in game. With this method you can realize this target: an enemy moves onto some sector with a triggergroup, and he enables it (heavy type mode) and this enemy will be killed (or other action) from the action in triggergroup. In this situation it's not important what enemy will enable the trigger since all will be killed in spite of original setting of exported action trigger. Sse the description of TGROUP_USE_EXECUTOR_ITEM_INDEX flag and also of
  • Added new action triggers to attract enemies in some direction. The series of action triggers begins with "Enemy. (Physics) ..." text. They work in similar way than "Lara. pysics ..." flipeffect triggers.
  • Added new FADD_IGNORE_STATUS flag for AddEffect command. By default the addeffect trigger will abort if the target moveable has not yet been enabled in game or if it has already been killed/removed. In some circumstances this check about its status could be wrong and with some special items the result could be to fail to add effect operations. If you work with some of these special items (like some inventory items) you could add the FADD_IGNORE_STATUS flag. When trng finds this flag it ignores the status of moveable and it will apply always the effect also if the item appears invisible or disabled.
  • Added lights for AddEffect command. Now you can add to some moveable three kinds of light: ADD_LIGHT_FLAT, ADD_LIGHT_BLINK and ADD_LIGHT_SPOT. See description of above ADD_ constants to find more information.
  • Added custom bar constants to be used with Customize=CUST_BAR script command. Now, with the script command Customize=CUST_BAR you can use the bar types: BAR_CUSTOM1, BAR_CUSTOM2, BAR_CUSTOM3 and BAR_CUSTOM4. With these values you can create custom bars to show on screen that work like the air-bar, health-bar etc, but in this case you can use them as you wish to show some custom value of your new skills. Each custom bar is linked with a trng variable you choose and it will show the value in that variable like a progress bar. See description of BAR_CUSTOM1 constant for more information.
  • Added new flipeffects: "Custom Bar. Show the <&>Custom bar on screen for (E)Seconds" and "Custom Bar. Hide the <&>Custom bar" to show or hide your custom bars.
  • Added new customize constant: CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT With the command Customize=CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT you can customize the colors, intensity and frequency of light objects: AMBER_LIGHT, WHITE_LIGHT and
  • BLINKING_LIGHT See the description of CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT constant for more informations.
  • Updated the OCB LIST reference. It has been added a description about new discoveries on OCBs for: AMBER_LIGHT, WHITE_LIGHT, BLINKING_LIGHT, FALLING_BLOCK, TROOP, LIGHTNING_CONDUCTOR, FLAME_EMITTER, FLAME_EMITTER2 and FLAME_EMITTER3.
  • Added new flipeffect: "Flipmap. Alternate continuosly the <&>flipmap with the (E)Frame interval" With this flipeffect you can create a fast continuos swapping between main room and flipped room. The main target of this trigger is to create interesting light effects alternating the lights of main room with that of flipped room. Just change a bit the position or the colours of flipped room lights to have nice effects not achievable in other ways.
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