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TRNG Updater
(Released 6 October 2009)

TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug in NGLE about [Exit and Play] button. In previous two versions, the 'autosave.prj' file had been removed in spite of opposite settings.
  • Added new Condition triggers to compare variables with variables. Added condition triggers to compare the Current Value variable with other common numeric variables: "Variables. CurrentValue is ... than <#>Variable"
  • Enhanced Collision Panel. Now the panels will be never drawn in game. The difference with respect to previous versions is that in previous versions the collision panels were drawn but with transparent textures so as not to be visible; now, in current version, the collision panels will be fully ignored by drawing routines, saving cpu time. Now it's not necessary for collision panels to have transparent textures since only their collision box will be used in game.
  • Added Tight-Rope item. It has been imported from Tomb Raider Chronicles the null mesh item: tight-rope. Lara is able to walk on this rope like an acrobat. See the Chronicles demo project for more information.
  • Added new action triggers to enable/disable a tight-rope item:
    "Trigger. (Tight-Rope) Disable <#>Tight-Rope",
    "Trigger. (Tight-Rope) Enable newly <#>Tight-Rope (previously disabled)" The common triggers don't work fine with tight-rope emitter. See the readme.txt file in demo project.
  • Added Laser-head item. It has been imported from Tomb Raider Chronicles the Guardian (laser-head) object.
    The guardian shoots laser rays from his eyes that move continuously to check the zone. To kill him it's necessary to shoot out both eyes. The placing of Guardian object is a bit complicated so consult the demo project to learn more about him.
  • Added in OCB LIST of Reference panel some new OCB values for Tight-Rope object.
  • Added Hydra object, imported from Tomb Raider Chronicles. The hydra is named "little dragon" in some unofficial references. The hydra shoots flames or energy balls. It can hit Lara with its beak. Using correct OCB you can use two Hydras in conjunction and change the type of ammo used.
  • Fixed bug about custom bars. In previous version the (further) text for bar name was printed in incorrect positions with some screen resolutions (like 640 x 480 windowed).
  • Increased the number of TriggerGroups, from 100 to 255
  • Added new object: ENEMY_SUB_MARINE. This object comes from TR Chronicles. It tries to hit Lara using a torpedo. You should use it in deep waters because it requires a lot of space to move properly.
  • Added in Object List window of NGLE program the button "Rename". With Rename button you can change the name of slot to have more meaningful names. This change will affect only that project while in other projects or in wadmerger (or other programs) the name of the slots will be the standard names. You can use this feature to give mnemonic names to some items, like "PUZZLE_ITEM_1" renamed as "GOLD_STAR", or ARCHITECTURE3 renamed as BIG_COLUMN etc. Remark: it is suggested you perform a backup of your main projects before trying this new feature since each new feature carries some degree of risk. Some tests have been carried out but there has not been time to do intensive beta-testing.
  • Fixed bug in action trigger: "Effect. Remove from <#>Enemy the (E)AddEffect from script.txt" In previous version the removing "add effect" didn't work.
  • Restyled window of NG_Center program. Now you can resize the NG_Center for working at full screen using the common Windows gadget.
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