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TRNG Updater
(Released 2 November 2009)

TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug in Customize=CUST_WEAPON command
    Almost all customizing performed on crossbow or grenadegun weapon had no effect in previous versions
  • Added the diagnostic type: DGX_WEAPON_ANIMATION You can add in DiagnosticType= command the new constant DGX_WEAPON_ANIMATION to have on screen the infos about animation and state-if of hardcoded management of current weapon animation
    Remark: this diagnostic works only on weapons different than pistols and UZI.
  • Added new critical memory zone: the Inventory Memory zone
    The Inventory Memory permits to change some setting about the viewing of items in the inventory
    It has been updated the Variables TRNG tutorial to add the new descriptions about Inventory Memory.
  • Added new underwater weapon: the Harpoon gun from Tomb Raider 3 You can download the "" demo level to find the new weapon and a little example about its usage.
  • Added new customize constant CUST_HARPOON , to enable and customize the new harpoon in your levels.
  • Fixed bug in Customize= CUST_INNER_SCREENSHOT script command
    The further flag QSF_TRUE_COLOR (to add to other QSF_ size image) was ignored in previous versions.
  • Added new customize constant CUST_SCREENSHOT_CAPTURE This customize allows you to capture a fast sequence of screenshots
    You can set the durate (in seconds) of the sequence, the interval of capture, and the size and quality of images
    Read the description of CUST_SCREENSHOT_CAPTURE constant for more infos.
  • Added in trng engine a check on current level and configuration to give immediatly an help to the beginners about a possible crash in game
    The check procedure verifies the presence of critical files like: load.bmp, uklogo.pak, title.tr4, script.dat and (some) language.dat Other informations could be found in last_crash file created after a crash
    These infos will be showed in a section named "QUICK DIAGNOSTIC LOG".

    Remark: another news of this check procedure is about levels present in script.dat but missing in data folder like .tr4 file
    In this situation the player will see in New Game screen these missing levels marked with the text "MISSING".
  • Fixed bug in Enemy-Sub Marine
    In previous version, the sub-marine instead emitting bubbles it emitted the "D" letter.
  • Imported new object from Tomb Raider 3: the Frog-man
    This is an underwater enemy that tries to kill lara using an harpoon gun
    You can find it in demo level: file.
  • Fixed bug in tight-rope object
    In previous version, when lara walked on tight-rope in Very Easy Mode (Negative ocb value), if plyer hit right/left arrows lara hanged.
  • Fixed bug in Action triggers "Enemy. (Physics) ..."
    In previous versions with some moveables the position was not updated in saving/restoring savegame operation.
  • Fixed bug in rain procedure: casted rooms
    In previous versions the rain had problems with casted outside rooms, where the rain didn't reach the bottom room in the zone where it had an hight less than one sector
  • Fixed bug in rain procedure: dead zones
    In previous versions the rain can disappear immediatly in according with the direction where lara was looking.
  • Added customize constant CUST_RAIN
    With the command Customize=CUST_RAIN, ... you can customize the rain with values differents by the pre-set data in NGLE program room for room
    In this command you can set also some flags (FR_..) to enable sound effects for rain, to fix the bug in original code about the sprinklers in some rooms or to add drips to lara after she went under the rain.

    Caution: if you type values too much different than default values you could get crashes or bad working
  • Added new flipeffect triggers to perform swap-mesh operations
    "Lara. (Mesh) Swap Mesh of <&>Extra Lara Slots with that of (E)Slot" "Swap Mesh. Swap mesh of <&>Slot with mesh of (E)Slot"
  • Added new OCBs for JEEP and SIDECAR objects
    By default the beam light is present on the sidecar while it's missing on the jeep
    With these new OCBs you can change these default settings
    See the description for JEEP and SIDECAR in OCB Settings of the Reference panel.
  • Fixed bug in Enemy Sub-Marine object
    In previous version (in some cirucstances) the missile exploded immediatly when it was yet in the sub-marine.
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