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Default 8th Tomb Slot...

So we all are aware that there is an 8th Tomb slot, and seeing that 7 7 7 Season Pass is over by April 23d, the question is this, new content for free or $4.99+?

I see a lot of debate about this and I want to discuss it in a thread dedicated to it. Not uncovering what it is but is it in the season pass or not? Maybe Morrigan can let us know too.

As for my opinion, I bought the Croft Edition because it was said to include everything aside from the Statue and bottle opener and flashlight objects of the Ultimate Edition. Thus, the Croft Edition owners should have the 8th DLC.

I think, whatever it may be, may be exclusive to Season Pass owners or as a free update for everyone as fanservice due to the backlash of the Tribal outfits and at times, lackluster content and anger and dissatisfaction the SP made the majority of fans feel.

What are your thoughts?

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