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Let's look at the facts.

1. There is a slot for an eighth tomb.
2. There was a 9.2 GB file that has yet to be justified. Computer players never got this file.
3. Morrigan has confirmed that there will be further DLC released after the 23rd (one outfit).

A. It's reasonable to presume that the eighth slot is intentional, as one DLC cycle (UPDATE: now two!) has passed and the slot is still visible. If it was a mistake, then chopping it off for the next release would have taken no time at all (if anyone programmer savvy thinks otherwise, then please explain your thoughts on the matter). Why tease customers with additional content that won't exist? Given the mounting tension concerning old issues yet to be resolved and the extremely poor reception the wardrobe has received, leaving such a mistake in would only serve to ignite the flames even further and they can kiss future money goodbye.

B. I'm no programmer, but I think 9.2 GB is too big a number to justify with bug fixes alone, especially since we still got the 3 GB file for the DLC that came before the release of the next DLC (both the 9.2 and the 3 were installed before The Price, if I recall correctly). Additional content is now sitting in our consoles waiting to be accessed and it's massive--the size of three DLC crypts and tombs.

C. Logically, something else will be released after the 23rd. If not, then EM would be rushing to get this final attire out the door by that date. They therefore have more work ahead of them.

In concern with point C, if all that would be released after the 23rd was going to be nothing more than bug fixes, then I don't see how that alone would be enough to justify delaying the final costume. It would be far more reasonable that we were going to get something more noticeable to go along with it. Whether that be an additional clothing pack or something grander is up for conjecture.

In concern with point B, I don't think that the 9.2 GB file is being used to supplement the path DLCs that were released afterward. Every DLC beforehand stood well enough on their own. Even though some of the later ones introduced new mechanics, we've seen that EM waits until they can get everything working before they release it, so it's feasible to infer that the large file isn't being used to support the smaller files, as there are no indicators for it to behave as a foundation for any of the DLCs. Most probably what's sitting on our consoles now is a new area that they're building upon as they go along making the DLC and fixing issues. Remember that computer players didn't get this 9.2 GB file--they're hiding something and they don't want the word getting out too soon. Also, as this file is already on our consoles, it would be very bad business indeed if they locked it behind a paywall, so I doubt we'd have to fork over extra money in order to unlock it.

In concern with point A, if we were to see a new hub area, then it makes sense that it would take up one spot, so the eighth slot would naturally be used in order to access it from the main menu just like the DLC extras. If it continues to follow suit with the DLC, then this content will also be available in game. If not, then it's Croft Manor. Either that or chapter replay and/or endurance mode, or some other content along those lines, including the possibility that the final DLC will have two challenge tombs. (UPDATE: that possibility is now gone as we know that The Path only has one accompanying challenge tomb.)

This is what I'm able to determine with what seems to make sense from an outsider's perspective. As I lack the esoteric knowledge (both as a programmer and as a fly on the wall at EM) necessary to fill in the blanks, I can't say with any certainty that what I've presented is, indeed, the case. However, if I haven't hit the nail on the head, then I'm reasonably sure that I at least came pretty close.
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