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There have been 17 reported murders so far in this latest outbreak of 'Monstrum' killings. It would appear to be the work of a single, highly psychotic perpetrator. The name of the latest victim was just released - a professor Werner Von Croy. A female, described as Caucasian, brunette and wearing a ponytail was seen leaving the most recent crime scene. Officers are advised to use extreme caution when apprehending the suspect. At present nothing appears to link any of the individuals involved. There are no survivors of these attacks... so far.

Expelled from heaven the Watchers walked amongst men, and upon the Earth bred a curse, an abomination of shadow. In the darkest recess of every human soul slumbers the shadow of evil. Cast from darkness and formed of night fears, the horror approaches. FALLEN FROM LIGHT. REBORN IN SHADOW. HAUNTED BY MEMORIES. CONFRONTED BY EVIL.
Note: Part of this text was used in a launch trailer, however it is unclear whether or not it would have been used in the game. Hypothetically speaking, it could have been an alternative to the Credits FMV, a part of Chase FMV or an additional one. It is unclear whether or not it would be voiced, much like the trailer there’s a chance it would have appeared on screen for the player to read.


Lara: What's all this about Werner?
Von Croy: Help me Lara. I need you to get something for me or I'm going to be killed.
Lara: Go on.
Von Croy: I'm tracking five Obscura Paintings for a client called Eckhardt. But he's a psychopath.
Lara: Not my problem. You took the commission and now you're out of your depth. Why should I care.
Von Croy: Because I'm being stalked! I daren't go into the streets. People are dying out there!
Lara: Handle it Werner. I had to when you abandoned me in the tombs.
Von Croy: Lara, please. Look, go and see this woman, Carvier. She can help
Lara: Sort out your own mess. I'm going
Von Croy: No, wait!
Lara: Egypt Werner. You walked away and left me.
Von Croy: Get out!
Alternative dialogue
Lara: This had better be real good, dragging me all the way from London. [NOT RECORDED]
Lara: I don't want to be here. You've got five minutes. Convince me I'm not wasting my time. [NOT RECORDED]

NOTE: A small scene of the FMV was cut. It shows Lara kissing Werner. This could've been cut for a number of reasons but it was probably because Core wanted the player to be unsure of Lara's innocence and this somehow made Lara look compassionate toward his death and therefore not guilty of it... just a thought.


According to Peter Connelly this scene would've played before or during the murder scene of Von Croy and judging by the lightning in the background I'd say it's the later. It was removed once they decided not to focus on Lara remembering the shaman.

Von Croy: Give me your hand child
Lara: Werner
Von Croy: Noooooo ! [ screaming ]
Putai: You have unique strengths Lara. Learn to trust them.
Lara: But how will I remember Putai?
Putai: Whenever your need is strong remember the amulet. It will help you to learn.
Lara: But the past still troubles me.
Putai: Have patience. Whatever is useful from the past will come to you as you need it. For now learn what you must from each new situation
Lara: I will learn Putai
Putai: There is a great darkness ahead of you Lara. Remember the amulet. And use your strength wisely. You are ready.
Lara: Where are you Putai?
Putai: Where I have always been. Remember the amulet.
NOTE: If you want to learn information about The Shaman please see Lara of Arabia


Lara escapes the police chasing her and opens a door leading into the courtyard.

Lara arrives at the courtyard (the starting area)

* Red represents deleted content

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