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Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
What difficulty mode do you play on? Single enemies are generally pretty easy to kill in the reboot games, but usually you encounter more than just one enemy. And on the harder difficulty modes, mainly using melee isn't really a viable option since other enemies will shoot at you when you're hitting someone.
Extreme Survivor. Most of the time it is easier to use weapons, but especially in Kitezh I find it takes too much ammo to do so. It's much more efficient to melee attack them.

Combine this with the 1 free heal per combat enounter, plus the few seconds where Lara cannot take damage after healing (probably halfway through the game)? And you've got yourselves a melee terminator.

I've been thinking of doing a purely stealth / melee playthrough soon. Just got back into the game 2 days ago and finished it 100%, currently messing around with Lara's Nightmare on the hardest difficulty. Lack of proper melee combat here makes it harder lol.

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