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Default Tomb Raider Underworld UNappreciation thread

Horrible and ridicolous plot, clunky controls, Lara moves like a YouTube video set in 2x speed, tons of bugs and glitches, horrible PS2 and Wii versions based on earlier builds of the game, main menu copied straight from AoD, short, exclusive Xbox 360 content, deleted leves, when you die it's ALWAYS the game's fault because of its horrible and clunky controls.

If you have anything more to add, feel free to do it.

Underworld is just the worst TR ever. It sucks in almost EVERY point (except for the graphics, which was gorgeus for its time).

And do we wanna talk about when one of Crystal Dynamics' developers said "Angel of Darkness was a study in what no to do"? Well, I wouod like to say to this deveoper that their Underworld game sucked. It sucks way more than AoD.

This is the Underworld HATE thread.
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