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Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
Is this really at all necessary? The game is already bashed in every other sub forum and thread whenever it comes up, and goodness knows we have had thousands of threads on the TRU section about how much it is disliked/did something wrong.
Agreed . Sounds to me like the OP was so bored he couldn't think of any original idea for a thread , lol .

And I do NOT like Underworld as a whole , it's my least favorite Crystal game , but nope it's not worse than AOD . I also can't fault that CD employee (was it Eric ?) who said that AOD is a study in what not to do . ****ty management , inexperience in next-gen tech , ridiculous over-ambitiousness etc ? This is indeed how not to develop a video game . I can tolerate playing Underworld , but AOD is just downright insufferable to play .

However , my opinion on the game is as follows : Thailand and Mexico are amazing levels , the puzzles and atmosphere/ambient effects in the game are great , graphics are good , and I like Underworld Lara . Other than that the rest is mediocre at best and super bad/boring at worst .
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