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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
I also can't fault that CD employee (was it Eric ?) who said that AOD is a study in what not to do . ****ty management , inexperience in next-gen tech , ridiculous over-ambitiousness etc ? This is indeed how not to develop a video game
I agree with all this, but it seems that Eric fell into the over-ambitiousness trap himself. Remember how he used to say how epic the game would be or that they would implement night/day cycles etc. The developers were excited about their projects, but they shouldn't have given false promises (that goes for both AOD and Underworld).

However , my opinion on the game is as follows : Thailand and Mexico are amazing levels , the puzzles and atmosphere/ambient effects in the game are great , graphics are good , and I like Underworld Lara . Other than that the rest is mediocre at best and super bad/boring at worst .
Yep that's how I feel as well, except that I'm not really fond of Underworld Lara.
I could forgive the clunky controls and the mediocre animations if it weren't for the abysmal storyline and characterization that took a giant dump on what Legend had built.
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