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This thread is very extra, but while we’re on the topic, here’s my do’s and don’t-‘s about it.

-Beautiful graphics and, though not perfect, a very pretty Lara
-Fantastic variety of locations
-A few nice songs
-A lovely story, as long as you don’t consider it as a sequel to Legend
-Wonderful classic atmosphere and feeling across most of its levels
-Fabulous motion capture for the cutscenes
-A great moveset, probably the best we’ve had in the history of TR

-Terrible usage of colors, like my goodness
-Amanda being shoehorned in with little reason to why she’s there
-Clunky, downright awful controls paired with disgusting in-game animations

There aren’t a ton of issues with the game, but there are still a few and big, important ones at that. I like the game, but it is probably the one I least enjoy playing.
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