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Originally Posted by killchan View Post
but of course.

with Avengers, Crystal had to start from a very specific, existing vision.
they couldn't do that with Tomb Raider. They had nothing to use as ref- OH NEVERMIND

jokes aside ... this was yes another bland implementation of duals. she just targets 1 guy with 2 guns. just for show.
being able to target multiple bad guys at once would be much more interesting.
also the camera is a little too close...

it's flashy and visually impressive, but also limited, basic and almost impractical.
Being able to manually target two characters at once would be a bloody nightmare. Like, I guarantee you that you would have an incredibly hard time trying to accurately hit anything with that kind of system. I think it'll either have to be a system like what they've got here where you use both guns on the same target or a system like in WET where you only aim one of the two guns manually and the other one uses auto-aim.
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