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Originally Posted by Ellioft View Post
Some good news

Misha Green have finished her first draft for TR and it was very well received

Also I'm starting to record all the 24 pages of text for my video about the LC TR movie tomorrow.

Sorry, but after all the information they gave on the "Ben Wheatley' TR movie" and nothing was true ... I doubt it.

However, a draft takes 3 months so it can be true without them telling the truth.

They didn’t hire her without having seen a draft. That wouldn’t make any sense.
It is not really like that. The big studios sign a name for example Misha. They meet with Misha and she tells them her ideas, the tone of the movie, her vision. If the study is interested they sign to receive a draft in 3 or 4 months. Then if the draft is ok, the pre-production and script phase begins.

TR 2001 and TR 2008 had a hellish development because the draft received was not to the liking of the studio and the director ended up leaving.

The 2018 script wasn't well received because they hired Alister Siddons for the re writting process to give a more vanill I mean serious flavour (by the way can we keep this awfull writter far away from this one ? )
Geneva's script (leaked) was really horrible. We could say that Alister did a good job with the material.

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