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Originally Posted by Sir Launcelot View Post
Oh, come on Trenton, she's cute. Admit it, you'd hop on Angie in a second if she came to your door in her TR movie days.

I know you must feel SOMETHING for her, since you reprimanded me when I made that no-breasts post about her back a ways.
I'm sorry to disappoint you Sir Launcelot. I can honestly say that I don't find her the least bit attractive, quite the opposite in fact.
So far I've never seen a film with her where I didn't feel the urge to replace her with a different actress. That may come across as harsh to some Angie fanboys here, but I prefer to be upfront and honest about it rather than indulge the delusional fanboys.

That doesn't mean I don't wish her all the best in her personal life (hence my comment directed at you that time). I don't know her personally so she's quite possibly a decent person who I'd even enjoy being around in real life.
My criticism of her is only limited to her (undeserved) public status as sex symbol, her undeserved claim to fame, her obnoxious and obsessive fanboys, and her being wrongfully cast as Lara Croft at the expense of far better suited actresses.
So to put it short; she's a public figure and I criticise her as such (which includes looks as that plays a major part in her claim to fame), but not as a private person (not me nor anyone else here knows her privately anyway).
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