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Originally Posted by Lwmte View Post
Sadly you can't properly import Lara model using TE/WT, because tomb4 requires hardcoded vertex indices to be attached to skin joints, and WT doesn't allow changing that because we don't have anyone who's capable of implementing it.

For now, you still need to use old strpix workflow to import new outfits. It is possible to import Lara model in WT though, then compile draft level with TE using imported Lara model, then export Lara skin + joints via WadMerger to legacy .wad format and then remap vertices in strpix as usual.

But you can totally import everything else in WT without hassle, including statics and multimesh objects. It shouldn't cause problems. Just make sure you have your meshes textured.
The thing is, when I try to open a TR4 compiled with TE/TRNG with WadMerger it crashes
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