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l think one of the large area's was for the aquatic research level and the other was for the The Strahov Fortress, but no l have not seen any interesting art for the Aquatic research area. l will have another look later and see if there was anything on any of the video's

l really think Eckhardt was originally going to have a bigger role to play, and that there was more to his story than that of the dark alchemist steeped in blood. Eckhardt's lab was in the same underground stronghold as the Lux Veritatis vault, this younger Eckhardt we see guarding his lab hardly seems the villian, in fact he seems quite benevolent. We did not end up with as many in the final version, only two, who were no longer holding the flame in the palm of their hand (the light of knowledge?) but had their hand palm down with the whole hand a flame as if there was power in the hand.

Eckhardt's image's went through a few changes as well, from the unknown concept from his confinement, which we were given with Chronicles. Where he appears in a situation where we might perhaps feel pity for him, how they were going to include this in the original game is a mystery since Lara was not even born while Eckhardt was confined.

The martyr suffering for his beliefs (and this in a Lux Veritatis stronghold?) Notice the obviously bloody hands.

To the bowed and defeated sinner, suffering for his crimes.

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