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The Set of Collision Panels

The collision panel are items having the only target to set an invisible collision in the level.

They are not a full news, you saw invisible collision panels also in example of elevators to avoid lara falls down of the elevator floor.

Anyway there are some news in this new version.

You have a full set of collisional panel to have diagonals and invisble walls in different positions to cover all possible shapes.
The panels now have their own slot name to avoid overlapping with other animating items.

The engine applies to these collision panels a new collision procedure to be faster and to support also panel hight upto 8 clicks, while the common collision procedure didn't work fine with animating higher than 6 clicks.

About the choice of usage wheter room collisions or level panel collisions, you should remember that it's not possible walk, climb or monkey the collision panels, but you can create horizontal collisions more detailed using the panels.

My suggestion is to integrate these two methods to create invisible collisions, trying to prefer the room collisions when it's possible, since the room collision use less cpu time to be computed while the panles are new items in your map and it's better don't exagerate with their number.

All collision panels have a max height of 8 clicks (2 sectors) but you can move donw them in the floor to use also collision with littler collisions.

In above A picture you can see how a collision panel appears when you've just placed it: it has a one sector (four clicks) height.

You can move up it upto 8 clicks (B picture), but you can also move down in the floor to have only one click of height (C Picture) if you wish.

The Panels with full width

These are the four panels with full width.

You can have panels to cover each single click of the sector.





Little Panels

These little panels permit to create more detailed shapes working on a grid with half sector of alignment.





Samples about Collision Panels

I used two PANEL_CORNER to round the collisions of balcony.

Since I prefered avoid a squared balcony, I had also to build collisions in according with this round shape.

Another situation where I used collision panel has been in the room of the giant.

To use the suitable bridge I had to use a bridge with half width, i.e. half sector.

Since there is no way to create a collision at half of a sector using room collision, I used a serie of PANEL_MIDDLE items to build the collision in the half of the sectors following the bridge.

Looking the project you can see that in other side of the bridge I've not always used the panel collision, because in that case it was possible using some room collisions, so, to save items in the level, I used the ceiling collision moved down to stop lara in that direction.

Then I used also a PANEL_DIAGONAL item to avoid lara can jump on other half of collision other the bridge, because otherwise our trick will be discovered and lara will remain hanged in the empty.
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