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Limitations about the new Collisions

Other that the raw shape of the room collisions, the other limit is that the room invisible collisions are fixed, so we cann't move an item is using these room collisions since it will lose the collisions with this movement, and this it's not good.

If you need absolutely to have collisions on some item to move where lara was able to walk or climb, you can choose one of following tricks:
  • Using a pusjable object. These items have the chance to be walkable and climbable just you set correct OCB values. See the Pushable ocb in the Reference panel of NG_Center

  • Using a raising block, and then move it horizontally with the action trigger to move items.

  • Using a flipped room with a different position of room collision. So you'll have a main room with item in start position and collisions placed in that point. Then you'll have in the flipped room the same object in another position and in this other room also the collision will have another position to overlap the object in this final position.
    This trick has been used for crane arm. During the movement the crane has not really the correct collisions but it will have them at start and at end of the movement.
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