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Here are some TRWs created from objects in the title wad. 2kB

1) an unrolling animation for this bridge object.

I rolled up the bridge in animation editor then exported it to TRW. Converted it to CSV and created the unrolling action in the spreadsheet.

2) adapted the walk anim of this character for use with Lara.

Exported to TRW and then converted to CSV.
This character had only 10 meshes whereas Lara has 15 so in the spreadsheet I had to add the missing meshes (3 columns for each mesh). I compared the two meshtrees so that the columns were added at the correct place. I just left the angle data for these added meshes blank. TRW editor will make them 0. Just make sure you add a header title for the added columns.
I also had to swap the columns for the arms due to the different mesh structure.

Note this is not a very feminine walk.

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