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Lightbulb How was it back then?

I got curious. It's a pretty popular topic nowadays to criticize and compare the newer titles with those before it. But this forum has been around since the beginning of the 21st century.

Now my question is: did people criticize titles like TRII for losing it's original roots and being too action packed? Did people criticize TRIII for being way too diverse? Did people criticize TRIV for suddenly removing certain weapons and changing her overall look? Etc.
So are there people back then who felt like the Core titles were already losing it's charm and straying away from it's roots? Did they feel like Core made some wrong decisions?

I just wonder if all this comparing and criticizing has been around forever, or if really only started after the switch between companies.

Please try to limit the core versus CD/EM discussion here. This thread should mainly focuse on people's different opinions between the Core games

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