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^ I remember seeing so much about AOD and being so excited to see Lara again. Finding out she died at the end of TR4 but then was found at the end of TR5 was really exciting!! I saw so much about the new Lara and how interesting the game was gonna be. I recall one magazine calling her Metal Gear Raider or something like that since she could hug walls and sneak around, perform stealth kills just like Solid Snake from MGS2. I still am pleased with the game that I got. It could be better, sure, but I think everyone was too rough on it.

Nowadays games are launched poorly finished (like a few Ass Creed games) and no one bats an eye. The fan base is upset that everything is a mess but it doesn’t kill the series like everyone thought happened with AOD.

It was really ahead of its time for the PS2 generation.
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