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This game brings back great memories, bought it for $50 AUD (On sale) brand new from EB Games on my 11th birthday, best present ever. A week later I got an official strategy guide for $30 AUD. Saves me from getting into trouble at school for looking up cheats on the internet. 2004 back when internet wasnít popular in where I live.

Parisian Back Streets is shockingly easy. I got used to the controls very quick and the intro was freaking killer, the storyline is great, I used to save at ends of levels just to replay cutscenes over. I always love Laraís attitude in that one. The only thing that disappoints me is the fact the game is rushed in development, Eidos pushed Core around a lot which is unusual, I donít understand why Eidos was like that. In the end Coreís final Tomb Raider game is one of the best games in the era in my opinion and itís up there with The Last Revelation.

Iím hoping for Square-Enix to remaster the Classic TR games but I doubt that will ever happen as they seemed happy with the direction Lara is heading, I donít demand for games to be made for convenience, something goes wrong when the fans become the authority.

You know who you are, cheers. At least us Tomb Raider fans appreciate what games we have.
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