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Originally Posted by oscarpdk View Post
1. In both Anniversary and Underworld (I haven't tested Legend yet), even with no fadeout/respawn checked, the screen still fades to black when the default kneeling death animation plays, and for the death animation that plays when you're crouched or walking (the one where she curls up and then rolls onto her back) the screen fades to black AND still causes a reload. It still works fine for the other animations and instant-ragdoll deaths, though.
Can you provide me with a scenario where she does these? Like when getting attacked by an enemy or jumping from x?

Originally Posted by oscarpdk View Post
2. Is there a way to adjust the free camera speed? It goes at a fairly controllable speed in underworld but SUPER fast in anniversary. Might it be tied to frame rate?
The forward speed or the speed the camera moves when you move your mouse? For forward speed you can hold shift to go faster. I'm planning to have some configuration file in the future so then I might be able to make these even more configurable (or just add a slider for the speed)

Originally Posted by oscarpdk View Post
3. Will there be a Legend version that will be compatible with Steam version of TRL?
Planning to, just haven't found time/motivation yet to do it since it requires me to map lot of functions

Originally Posted by R3lic_Hunter View Post
You are a true modding master!
I can't wait to see a TR7 / TR8 / TRA level editor, have been waiting a long time for this.
Thanks so much for putting your time and effort in this project, this is simply mind-blowing!
Originally Posted by FairFriend View Post
This should get more attention! I'm not as big of a fan of the CD games as I am of the Core ones, but this is mighty impressive and could open the doors to a whole new era of level editing (alongside TEN and Tomb Editor). I hope you keep working on it and that some kind people will put the effort to create modding tools. It seems you are heading in that direction and that is should become possible in the near future.
I wish this forum had a like button (like modern forum software such as Discourse) but thank you for your kind comments, I'll be sure to continue working on this and other projects.
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