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Originally Posted by frankgberry View Post
I killed him, because I thought I had to!
Same! I only killed him because I thought it was another "on rails" section of the game, like a QTE. I thought I'd be barred from doing anything else until it was done lol.

The second time I played, I chose to walk away just to see what'd happen. Of course he dies anyway because that's one of those decisions that could affect the next game (ie continuity problems).

Would be interesting if they started incorporating choices in the next game that actually has an affect on the story... though at that point, it'd definitely start feeling more like an RPG than an Action/Adventure game. I didn't really care for it in AOD so I doubt I'd really like it in the new games. Was just one of those things I felt was too "tacked on" when the formula for TR was already very solid as it was.

That's just me though.
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