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Originally Posted by Girafarig32 View Post
I'm trying to download TRLA.
You're trying to download TRLA? Is it from a trustworthy source and includes all data files etc? Or are you trying to patch it with something like xmoser no CD crack? I've never used that. The method I use, is to install the game from the disc, run the TR multipatcher for TLA, then copy the DATA, FMV, AUDIO and PIX folders to the Lost Artifact directory. I then use this No-CD executable to eliminate the need for the CD. Alternatively you could try Arsunt's patch.

Other things to note/try, should the above patches not be of help:
Run the game setup.
Make sure the game folder and/or config.txt isn't set to read-only.
Try copying the file "config.txt" from your TR3 folder to your TLA folder and set the "MMX" line to 0.
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