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Default Dear Eidos, please bring Lara's E3 muscles back

As much as I look at this subject from a different standpoint, I think that Eidos should've kept Lara's arms muscles like they were back at the E3 reveal.

The "muscle tech" doesn't really cut it for me and it doesn't make sense either.
I find a that the E3 muscles were much more fitting for her, as Lara is by definition an athletic character who climbs 90% of the time.

Also, it looks so much more unique and visually beautiful to see a toned structured body for a character both men and women.

So with that being said, I think most fans from all groups would love to see Lara's toned look back.

Please Eidos Montreal, bring back those E3 muscles in future patch

Edit: so apparently they brought some of those E3 muscles back, to some degree...

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