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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
Why ignoring facts ? The reason is they implemented a new technology which shows Lara's muscles flexing during hard efforts. Eidos Montréal was clear. There are screens about that : we see Lara being buff when holding a ledge.
Nothing dumb and makes sense. They will not get rid of their technology for angry fans.
I understand they toned down maybe a bit too much, I agree when she doesn't flex, she could look a bit more buff but sometimes it looks like some of you act like they are evil stupid developers...

Sorry for the rant.
I understand just perfectly how the tech works, the muscles at rest would be a certain polygonal mesh and when they flex it causes deformation, there is no limit (other than the say how much the game engine can handle) meaning that muscles can be bigger at rest. It simply requires adding more polygons.
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