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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
because babe instead of her saying "thank you for doing this. they're really ugly tho" it was "thanks this was a good reminder of how ugly they are". theres a difference. one implies i did a good thing and the other implies i wasted my time
Boy is this dramatic. I would have said the same thing, it most certainly reminds me of how ugly and awful a lot of those outfits are. How the hell is that a personal attack against you? Like I don't even see the connection between the two ideas. And please don't read this as me shouting and coming for you because I'm not, it's just something I feel like saying to you because I genuinely think you have the wrong idea and are taking the wrong approach.

Anyway you can agree or disagree with me, heck you can cuss me out if you feel the need to, but honestly I think your just taking this a bit on the extreme side with this.
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