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Well, in my case it would be nice to be back to the color 1 which is the outside fog color effect but i really cant because i didnt find any way to work that around.

I am doing like a very cold effect for the outside and inside some places i am using the fog for a bloom like effect in some objects. So i need to keep changing the fog colors and effects depending on which type of scenario lara is in.

It seems like a simple thing but i didnt find it possible through the actual trng engine or using the resources i know. I can always just use the limited fog colors range within the engine if i want to change then but it would be much
better if we had limitless options to change fog colours throughout the level.
When i think of it, it seems like a simple issue that theres no workaroud within trng alone. I will keep using the limited range and i will try some workarounds to this in the future.
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