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Originally Posted by Squamula View Post

Titan Wars! My first Crystal Project! And Sherlock Holmes. You know when I landed the gig to do Sherlock Holmes I hadn't read any of Doyle, so I stayed home for three days and read everything back to's great stuff, so much better than the movies ever were...thanks for writing!

Hey Eric

Thank you for your response. Funnily enough as soon as I got up later today after finally getting some sleep (praise the Lord!) I had a quick look around at home and found them! Sadly Vista 64bit doesn't seem to agree with Sherlock, wrong era perhaps?

I too read all the books back to back when I was a border in my school days, sadly that was a few years ago now... . The problem with books being made into films are they are shortened immensely to fit 90mins and it all depends on the directors vision and how good the actors are (& of course the budget)! My favourite film/ book is the Hound of the Baskervilles; which I'm sure my one year old Springer Spaniel was in his former life because he howls instead of barks and is a darn right rotter at times!

Sadly I can't find my saturn to have another go on Titan Wars It's probably in a box in the roof somewhere along with the genesis and Nintendo and the useless R.O.B....

Did anybody get that thing to work?!

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