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Originally Posted by Discoking View Post
I have a problem with TR1 which has appeared after installing and playing TR2..
However when I launched TR1 again the game now starts in a teeny tiny window in the middle of my screen,still full screen but with huge blackness around the game screen.
How can i get it back to full screen? tried alt-enter and changing various stuff in the config files but nothing has worked
no, Alt+Enter won't work anyway, you can check in openglid.ini the InitFullScreen item which ought to be =1
which will still very likely be so since nothing has changed it

I think the issue has been caused by a gfx driver resetting of sorts
either you reinstall the installer over itself and see (but this could not be enough)
or else you tackle the probable core of the problem where it comes from (so called centered timings which you/we don't want do we) and open nvidia control panel (changes with driver/card versions)
among digital display properties or whatever it's called, the scaling with fixed-aspect ratio choice is good for widescreens when going for pillarboxing at non native resolutions, e.g. like a 4:3 game/program (640x480 or multiples of it) on a 16:10 display
that's what TR2 setup may have been messing with
at least this would be my first bet.
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