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Angelina Jolie is the perfect Lara Croft for me, she has the perfect accent and look, her lips is what gave Lara character, and in the core design games (especially aod) Lara had the same Angelina Jolie lips, hell even in the reboot Lara has those same lips but smaller, the tomb raider movie gives me so much nostalgia and, I watched the trailer and it really made me sad 'cause of all the nostalgia kicking in, and it saddens me how underrated Angelina as Lara Croft is, and how everyone was gaga over Alison, Alison didn't even look like Lara, not even Underworld Lara.

People say that Angelina is to old to be Lara Croft, and they always throw the suggestion of her being Lara again and they just throw it out in the trash like its nothing but a piece of trash that no one cares about and forgotten. Angelina was skinny and unfit before she got the roll, what did the filmakers do? TRAINED her, put her on a diet, kickboxing, yoga, gunnery school ect. They can just do that again and I am convinced that Angie can still pull it off judging by the movie Salt. I wish they would keep the films seperate from the films from the games like Resident Evil, if classic fans can't play the classicness in the new games atleast give us films. Or maybe after the reboot film (if there is one but I hope there isn't) get Angie to be Lara again.
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