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Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
I think the point is, it shouldn't need to be a spin off. Lara Croft was as big as Mario, Link etc... and they're still leading their own games now as their original design.

I am quite jealous of franchises like Mario that have stuck to their concept throughout the years and fans are still very much enjoying the new games that get released all the time! Whereas Lara/Tomb Raider is stuck in this half Uncharted half Horizon Zero Dawn concept that has spoilt it for me.
Originally Posted by CroftManiac05 View Post
Ok but why does it need to be a spin off though? Wouldn't it be better if one studio was making Reboot games and another studio was making classic/LAU inspired games with the same attention? (Even though I think it would be better if SE just threw Reboot in the trash can, if they have the option to please both sides, then why not? )

Also, I don't understand people saying they miss old school TR gameplay when there are tons and tons of great TRLE levels out there (and I've downloaded countless levels myself). I know classic fans want to see classic TR gameplay to return in the main series, but at least there is something. LAU has nothing except for 3 games and 2 spinoffs that don't really have the same gameplay.
I agree with that to a degree. I would have definitely preferred if they stuck with the original design, although simultaneously, Iím very glad it didnít because it took forever for people to realize she isnít just a blown up sex doll who plays with guns.

Itís a mixed bag, really. I think a spin-off would work better now in some ways, at least if people are still going to complain about a bigger focus on puzzle and exploration, but it also may not be necessary, if such a game was well received as Breath of the Wild.
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