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Originally Posted by Daft Raider View Post
CD isn't giving me a cookie out of the goodness of their heart, they're developing a product to sell and make money.

Criticizing a product doesn't make me entitled. Me being pissed off when what I expect from a product is relegated to the back corner and treated like the red headed step sister doesn't make me entitled either.
It was... an analogy... I-

I’m not saying criticism makes you (or anyone) entitled. All I’m saying it can come off as a little entitled to me when you can get exactly what you want, give or take, but because something’s just slightly different, so down goes the axe and one decides they’re not having any of it.

Regardless, like I said before, I do kind of get where you’re coming from, and in a perfect world (for me anyway) we would have stuck with classic Lara all along without the “boobs and guns” nonsense and the games would have evolved in other areas. Maybe a reboot and/or origin story of sorts could have happened eventually, but maybe it would have led into a new take on classic Lara or a reincarnation of her. I love reboot Lara, but tbqh, this would have been miles better.
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