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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
In TR'13, Lara is seeking adventure, but as a naive 21 year old, she is expecting to make this big historical discovery, not what turns out to be a living nightmare, surviving against the elements and these crazed cultist Solarii. So yeah, in that game she is more of a survivor than an adventurer. In Rise, though she chose to go looking for the Prophet and the Divine Source, I still feel like it's more out of some duty, t her dad and just to find proof, so it still seems less of an adventure. It's in Shadow that this changes. That game definitely feels like and adventure to me, even if Lara's motivation is not all about the fun of it all initially (must stop Trinity is her early mantra). But in moments when she's lightened up a bit, her enjoyment is beginning to shine through. I think she finally admits than in the end. But that's why it's all part of an origins story.
It still overshadowed by the whole "survival" aspect, especially as she isn't portrayed as a very happy character. The only part I can think of where it seems like she's having fun is after her and Jonah escape the tomb at the beginning of shadow.

But another reason why it mostly feels like a survival trilogy to me instead of an adventure is the way Lara always gets stranded everywhere and you have to help her get better. The island in the first game, the jeep crash in Syria, the avalanche, the plane crane in Shadow. Over and over. For once I'd like Lara to arrive somewhere she is supposed to go and be prepared and confident. (the prologues to Rise and Shadow don't really count in this example).

Originally Posted by Rai View Post
The next game will probably show her going on an adventure just because she enjoys it. She's definitely not just surviving in Shadow.
I'm not holding my breath.
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