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Originally Posted by Zelda master View Post
How is listening to gaming music a culture? YouTube has a three strike policy, when you upload near thousand songs from just Smash Bros. alone, yeah, you're risking absolutely everything on the channel. That's how the platform works, it's not Nintendo their fault if they strike their content that the rest goes.

Now if we were on the subject of it being utter horse crap, yeah that's something I'll give you. I have no idea what their reason is, especially since a ton of the music that's now gone isn't easily available on any platform.

Personal advice, go to hcs64 and search around for whatever you're looking for. They have direct game rips in the original game quality. They're some of the best you can think of if you search for whatever soundtrack.
It's a culture because many of that had been up when I was school myself 8 years ago. People followed playlists and created their own remixes and stuff. There was an avid culture of people who followed this type of music. I will look up what you've said and hope that some of my music is there.
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