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I donít agree and here are my perceptions as to why:

Iím willing to bet The last of Us part 2 has been delayed so it can be toted as a PS5 launch title as by that time even if itís on PS4 no doubt people will wait to get the better experience. Letís be honest thatís the reason itís been delayed and it would be stupid not to capitalise on it. This is even more cemented by Ghosts of Fukushima being delayed as a result of TLOU being delayed - I donít see why that would be a factor for a completely different studio personally. Itís clearly Sonyís decision as the publisher.

Ubisoft games have been delayed because the most recent release was a mess due to their poor work ethic and now they need to curry favour again just like they did a few years ago when they Ďlearned from their mistakesí with Assassinís Creed.

Tomb Raider doesnít belong to either of those situations but I do agree moving forward SE need to not botch the promo and release period because there has not been on game in the trilogy that hasnít been marred for one reason or another. I do think Shadow could have done with a couple more months in the oven and maybe released in February. I appreciate SE will have been aiming for the holidays for sales but January is becoming an increasingly popular month for games as RE2 remake proved.
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