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Originally Posted by SoraSakai View Post
I totally agree. Aside from the fact that there’s an island, the 2018 film’s plot is almost nothing like the 2013 game.

The character’s motivations are different. Not a single person (including Mathias) ends up on the island the same way as their game counterparts. It’s totally different. Even Lara’s motivation in the game comes from her own will to explore rather than the films “I needs to find mah dad” thing.
Yeah, and I liked the slight twist that he wasn't dead yet. Like I was so tired of him being dead during her childhood. She at least already had some closure and time with him. Maybe she won't be so daddy obsessed in this movie.

As much as I don't like game reboot Lara I do enjoy movie reboot Lara, especially in her scenes where she gets cocky and is fully of attitude. She is a self made person like classic Lara and to me she feels like a younger Jolie's Croft. Even though I know the two universes are different, I like that she is recognizable as Lara Croft.

I'm most excited to see what they will do with Lara.
Ubisoft Brought back Classic Lara ^_^
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