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1st season - 15th episode (Meeting Amanda Evert)

"A few days later Lara with Alvis and Zip were heading back to London. She was upset that Atlas lied to her since he was interested in this elixir himself. Alvis asked Lara about her behaviour. He didn't see Lara talking to herself and stabbing herself before. Lara couldn't answer that. She was afraid that one day she might break up and loose control so her darkside will take the lead. Lara's trouble split personality was getting worse than before. Lara asked Alvis if he beleives in the demons. He answered that he believes in what egyptian monks believes - the afterlife and the evil that can be awaken. Alvis told her he does have a faith in this. Then he asked Lara what does she have faith in. Lara answered that she's a wrong person to talk about. She's now lost in her doubts. Alvis left and Lara's darkside told her that she's still a killer and she will break sooner or later. Later Lara decided to check her locker and there she found the arm that she cut off earlier when she was possessed while having fun with some guy before. Next day when all three of them arrived to London, Lara told Alvis to stay in the ship while she will go and find her childhood's friend - Amanda. She told Zip to find her. After some digging Zip found out that Amanda is having some charity auction. Lara decided to dress up and then went to the auction. While Lara was there Zip was talking with Alvis about the believes that people has all over the world. Lara was walking through the auction and listening Zip's talk. When another sale was complete Lara checked the people and then noticed Amanda on the stage. Amanda noticed her too. Lara was sure that Amanda didn't come to London without a reason after so many years..."

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