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1st season - 17th episode (Croft, Evert and de Mornay)

"1975, the year when Lara Croft was born. There are 3 rich families in London - Crofts, Everts and de Mornays. Richard Croft and Joseph Evert were friends for a long time and always helped each other in hard situations at work. Only Atlas de Mornay wasn't around with both Richard and Joseph. One day in Croft Manor Richard was drinking when his assistant came in. He told Richard that they found some journalist who wants to become a whistleblower to the police. He also has some evidence against Croft. After that Richard decided to call Joseph to come to the Manor. When Joseph came Richard told him that the situation could get out of contol because of some evidence that can destroy their carreer and even worse - they can go to jail. Since Joseph has connections in the court Richard told him to find out what's what and fix this problem. Joseph said that he will see what he can does. Later that day after Amelia came to the Manor, Atlas was with his niece Lara. He waited the moment when Richard left the Manor. Amelia asked her brother about his anger to Richard. Atlas answered that he despises Crofts. Amelia reminded him that she's Croft too now and not de Mornay anymore. The only thing Atlas was happy about is Lara. Atlas told his sister about the divorce with Richard. Amelia told him that this won't happen. This was Atlas's plan A - his sister's divorce. Plan B was to find anything corrupt against Richard to send him in jail. Later that day Atlas came to the meeting in the car with Joseph. Atlas asked him about their progress against Richard. Joseph answered that the district attorney gave Atlas a clock on the deal. He has 3 days to decide whether to testify against Richard or going to jail himself for interrupting the investigation. So Atlas decided to use his Plan B against Richard..."

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