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1st season - 18th episode (Be on the Run)

"After the long talk with Amanda previous night, Lara decided to stay in the Manor next day. During the day Lara was attacked by some assassin who infiltrated the Manor. Lara expected that because she didn't trust Amanda. After Lara beat up the assassin she wanted to find out who hired him. He didn't answer and Lara broke his neck. Then she headed to infrom Zip about the Manor's attack. She told him to meet in the ship which was parked near the piers of London. Alvis was living in that ship. Before leaving Lara asked her housewife to leave the Manor right now because someone attacked it and more people might come so it's not safe anymore to stay in the Manor. Since that moment Lara was on the run. At night Amanda was with her father on the plane. They were leaving London. Amanda told her father that the man she hired to get the information from Lara didn't call her. Joseph told her that he might be already dead. That means Lara is on alert and will try to disappear. Amanda failed her father. Joseph told her that they need to set the plan in motion before everything will go wrong. Joseph told his daughter that she needs to act herself this time if her people can't complete the job by themselves. Amanda said that she wasn't ready for what's coming. Meanwhile inside the ship Zip decided to talk with Lara. Before leaving London Zip wanted to say to Lara that he needs a break from their team work. Since they are on the run Zip didn't want to run. He decided to stay in London for a while. Lara was wondering that he's not coming back. Zip also said that he has some plans so he wanted to be alone for some time. Lara agreed with him but she felt lonely. She told him that she will miss him. Zip said that she has Alvis so she won't be lonely until he will come back. Next day Lara was in the bar. She decided to drink and to talk to local bartender about her friend who worked with for the last 6 years and didn't ask for some alone time from each other. She suspected that Zip found someone else and felt jealous even they are friends. In the end Lara decided to get back to her ship where Alvis was waiting for her and leave London before the heat will go down after what happened in Croft Manor..."

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