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1st season - 21st episode (Not Friends Anymore)

"Next morning Lara wanted to leave Himalayas along with Alvis, Zip and Amanda. But something happened. Zip told Lara that Amanda escaped the ship. Lara told Zip that she placed a tracker on Amanda while she was captured. She ordered Zip to track her down while Lara herself will be on the way after Amanda. While Lara was searching Amanda through the woods Zip was trying to pin point Amanda's location. When he found her Zip gave Lara Amanda's location. Later Lara reached the location but Amanda attacked her. They were fighting each other hand to hand. In the end of the fight Lara did win the fight. Amanda asked Lara what does she feel after killing a person. Lara wanted to shut Amanda up. Amanda asked Lara about Atlas's whereabouts. Lara answered that she doesn't care about her uncle. But Amanda interrupted her with another question of been here in Himalayas trying to find the truth about herself. Lara told Amanda that it doesn't concerns her. Amanda also told Lara that her father Joseph is alive. She also told Lara about the Queen Elixir that Lara was trying to find. Amanda told Lara that Joseph stole the Tree of Life from Atlas before and keeping it safe from him. She also told that her father is using her to get to Atlas through Lara. Lara said that she doesn't know where Atlas is. Amanda then started to attack Lara with the words that were hurting Lara. Amanda knows Lara isn't just like the rest of the people. Deep inside Lara is dead and all that's left from her was more Atlas's than Richard's. Lara didn't want to listen any word of this. Then Amanda told Lara that she was spying after Lara since she left London. She knows Lara's secret with her trouble split personality. Amanda told Lara that her darkness intoxicating her and when her second personality will gain control, she will reveal her true self. Lara decided to interrupt Amanda by shooting her. She couldn't listen a word anymore. At night Lara along with Alvis and Zip were heading back to London. When Lara entered her cabin she was looking at herself in the mirror. Then she dropped the jacket that she was holding. When Lara grabbed it she looked back at the mirror and noticed that her reflection was standing still. Lara's personality started to collide for real. Then Zip came in to talk with Lara about getting back to London. He mentioned about the consequences that will happen if they come back while been on the run. Next evening when the ship reached London's piers Lara woke up and noticed her uncle in the cabin. She asked him what is he doing here. Atlas answered that he came for her. She wanted to banish him but Atlas reminded her that they still have a job to do by giving her Amelia's photo. While Lara was looking at her mother's photo Atlas told her that he found out where the Tree of Life is been hidden. Atlas told Lara to get her things because they need to move out..."

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